Relic Cards Containing Non-Relics

Historical relics are an interesting part of the hobby.  They can easily take you on a trip back in time and help you imagine that your actually there.  Plus they’re educational and you all know how I like relic cards containing pieces of old memorabilia.

After seeing a lot of 2010 Triple Threads Baseball boxes busted, by far the most interesting card I’ve seen pulled is the Molly Pitcher #’ed/5.  But the more I learned about these historic relics the more disappointed I got.  The three pieces of material on the front aren’t of anything that has to do with Molly Pitcher.  In fact, on the back of the card it states “The Relics On This Card Are Merely Representative And Are Not Pieces Of Any Actual Item Connected To The Subject On The Front“.

Now, I know these cards are hard to pull and have a low print run, but I think if your going to make a high-end product like Triple Threads I think there should be an actual relic associated with the person featured on the front of the card.  It just seems like a cheap way to go for Topps.  On a positive note, I really like the look of this card.  I’m sure it even looks better in person.  Either way, the bogus relics don’t seem to bother collectors.  This card sold for $150.00.


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