“Shoeless” Joe Jackson Cut Signatures Coming Soon

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson is one of the most popular players in baseball history.  If it weren’t for that little scandal, he would be in the Hall of Fame.  His cards are in high demand, and command some serious prices.  Thanks to Upper Deck and Donruss/Playoff (Panini), collectors have been able to obtain cards containing bat relics once used by Jackson.

Now Leaf is turning up the heat by making “Shoeless” Joe’s first cut signature ever inserted into a product.  Yes, Sportkings make a Jackson cut signature before, but it was signed by his wife and it clearly stated this on the back.  After contacting Mr. Gray of Leaf, he has confirmed that these (4) cut signatures were signed by Jackson himself.  Three of them will be inserted as redemptions, and the fourth will be awarded to the collector who has put together the most complete set of 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update.  Collectors who attempt at putting this set together will have to present it to Leaf during the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention.


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