Making A Bold Prediction

I’m going to make a very bold prediction.  Someday one of the major card manufacturers will purchase a very valuable vintage card, cut it up, and insert various pieces into newer cards.  The signs have been there all along and it sure wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  Starting with products like TRISTAR Signa Cuts and slowly moving into more popular products like Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts, its not uncommon to find older cards cut up and reinserted into circulation.  I don’t like the idea of a company cutting up any type of card, even if its only worth one penny.  I really don’t like it when they destroy modern day cards like Topps does with their Pro Debut product.  There is absolutely no reason to cut up a perfectly good AFLAC autograph.  Just insert the whole card.  It would save a lot of time and money.  Hell, I’d settle for a redemption for the entire AFLAC autograph instead of this half breed of a card.


I can’t believe Topps is doing this for a second year in a row.

Why don’t they just get it over with.  The next time a T206 Honus Wagner shows up for auction, buy it, and cut it up.  When does a card become more than just a card?  When does it become a relic worth cutting up?  What do you think the value of a T206 Honus Wagner relic would be?


4 Responses

  1. The first time I saw something like this that bothered me was the Razor cut autographs from 8×10 photos. And then I started noticing other “bad ideas” with cuts – as bad as cutting up the HOF cards for autographs. But Pro Debut takes the cake. There’s no need for a cut auto of someone whose autographs could be easily attained. Especially when it comes from another card! You’re right – seed the AFLAC cards into packs. But then maybe there’s a licensing issue? Regardless…

    And along the lines of cutting up a card for use in another card – I can see there being some kind of demand for a card as important as this. But assuming a purchase price of about $250,000, you’d need pretty small pieces to make it worthwhile, even if you split the front and back up. “Wow, I pulled the G in Wagner!” “Well I saw an auction of his eye!” How much would it suck to pull a cut of just the yellow background? Nevertheless, I bet it’ll happen sometime, but I won’t be buying any.

  2. Well they’ve already cut up one of the last three remaining Babe Ruth jersey’s as well as the last known pair of Georges Vezina’s goalie pads. I think the card companies have already done their part to further increase the destruction of historical sports memorabilia. Why should cards be immune?

  3. What’s commonly referred to as frankencards are a very bad idea. It’s one thing to take somebody’s personal letter, canceled check, or propecia prescription and excise the autograph and jam it into an uncreative frame. There’s just no elegant way to cut out a signature from another card and reuse it that way. You either get half of a gappy smile or a context-free action crotch shot for an autograph background. Nice.

    Frankencards aren’t really the right word. This is the lifeblood of the hobby eating it’s own. They’re cannibal cards.

    These shenanigans are simply not sustainable.

  4. […] it looked good. Just curious as to everyones opinion here. The link that I found the idea is below Making A Bold Prediction Sports Card Info __________________ […]

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