Forged Inscriptions

Inscriptions are a fun way to make autographs more collectible.  These inscriptions can range from a funny nickname to a high achievement such as MVP or ROY.  But there is a darker side to the inscription world.  Scammers will take a simple autographed card, and add in their own inscription thinking it will increase its value.  Thats why its always a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see which cards have inscriptions and how many were made.

The CJ Spiller card below is a great example of someone adding their own inscription.  When compared to some of his other inscriptions, you can clearly see the handwriting differences.  Plus the ink on the inscription is much lighter.  Most of the time, inscription autographs usually appear with on-card signatures.  Probably because it allows for more room to write.  Rarely will you find an inscription on a sticker autograph.  In this hobby, not only are the signatures forged.

For more info, be sure to check out this post over on FCB.


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