Press Pass’s Five Star Box Break

Press Pass Five Star is by far one of the nicest racing products ever produced.  Its extremely expensive (over $600.00 per box), but you can get a bunch of great stuff.  I don’t think there is a bad box.  They have sent me a bunch of products to open in the past, but even I knew I wasn’t gonna get my hands on one of these.

Here is Press Pass’s Five Star break.  What do you think?

One Response

  1. away too expensive for box of cards hopefully press pass wil really that people buy five stars are people that dont care waste money!!!That has 2 jobs or 1 job 8am -5pm everyday !!! And the True collect less buying people that collect in steady puting on ebay !!!!!!! Half people are sell that anit no nascar fans!!! it like the leborn james card for 6,000.00 03 04 EXQUISITE RC 3 CLR PATCH AUTO #29/99 LEBRON JAMES plus the 2millon people lost there job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my range is like 50.00 I like card with my Favorite driver door number on most of my press pass nascar trading cards it like same as 1/1

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