A “Beautiful” Contest! – NOW CLOSED

It has been awhile since I’ve held a contest sponsored by TRISTAR.  Thats why this week up for grabs is a Velvet Sky TNA Xtreme autograph.


Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m. EST
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post
  • You can enter once per day
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

62 Responses

  1. nice cards

  2. Nice!

  3. I’ll try…

  4. If I put Velvet next to my signed Mike Ricci card, it might make his mug bearable to look at.

  5. I’d love to have a shot at this card!

  6. I will give it a shot

  7. Happy Boxing Day!

  8. she’s purty

  9. nice autogrpahed

  10. sweet autogrpahed

  11. I’ll take a shot.

  12. sweet cards

  13. 2nd

  14. TNA Knockouts, I’d take one of them.

  15. nice card

  16. cool autogrpahed

  17. she is hot, count me in!

  18. first entry

  19. awsome autogrpahed card

  20. 3rd

  21. my 1st entry…thanks…

  22. awsome card

  23. Thanks again

  24. my 2nd entry..thanks…

  25. second entry

  26. autograph and wrestling fanatic

  27. comment… heh…

  28. the beauitful people are awsome

  29. 4th

  30. Nice card! Thanks for the contest!

  31. cool card

  32. hope i win the card

  33. third entry

  34. I suppose I can throw in an entry. thanks!

  35. Nice looking card for sure

  36. nice looking card

  37. need this for my collection

  38. awsome card

  39. 5th

  40. my in again

  41. TNA rocks

  42. my friday entry…

  43. fourth entry

  44. my 3rd entry…thanks…

  45. Happy New years eve IM in

  46. 2nd entry

  47. okay, seriously now, THIS is my friday entry… I have no idea what day it is… the holidays screw me right up.

    anyways, Happy New Year All!!!!!!!

  48. happy new year eve

  49. 6th

  50. im in again

  51. card

  52. happy new year

  53. 7th

  54. finally

  55. sweet card

  56. last entry, thanks again!

  57. my 4th entry…thanks…

  58. cool card


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