2011 Outlook

As we close the book on 2010, I would like to shed some light on a few things I look forward to and would like to see more of in 2011.


Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax will leave a significant impression on many 2011 Topps baseball products.  I think its great that Topps was able to come to an agreement with these two legends.  Both are in high demand and don’t have a ton of modern day autographs to collect.  Hopefully these newer cards won’t devalue some of the older ones that collectors have loved for years.  Modern Koufax relics and autographs are harder to come by than Aaron’s.  I would love to add a Koufax relic to my personal collection someday, that’s if I can find one at a reasonable price.  I want to see Topps release a Koufax autographed buyback rookie.


One product that I’m super excited about is Topps Supreme Football.  Technically it’s a 2010 product, but its not going to be released until 1/26/11.  It’s basically Topps’s version of Ultimate Collection.  Since Upper Deck canned Ultimate Collection, Supreme looks to be a terrific substitute.  Each hobby box contains (1) low numbered autograph, autograph relic, or relic card.  Topps has had some trouble producing effective high-end products in the past, but Supreme looks really good.  In February I’m scheduled to attend a Supreme Rip Party.  I’m sure it will be fun!!!

In 2011, I would like to see trading cards incorporated more into other products.  Incorporation is a powerful tool, and without it we wouldn’t have the hobby we all love today.  If the Dukes wouldn’t have incorporated those little cardboard inserts within their packages of tobacco, you wouldn’ be reading this blog.  Sports cards have been at a standstill for years, and nothing really “new” and “innovative” has come along to drive in new collectors.  Panini has started off on the right foot by providing a free promo pack of ‘10/’11 Rookies & Stars basketball cards to anyone that purchases $20.00 or more of NBA-licensed memorabilia at Kids Foot Locker.  They also included a few Drew Brees autographed cards in random copies of Madden.  I want to see more marketing like this.  You have to reach beyond the traditional collector.  You can’t just stay where you are, and hope they come to you.  You must go to them.

All in all, I think 2011 will be an exciting year for the industry.  I’m sure there will be some nice surprises along the way.  I look forward to many box breaks and big pulls.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for keeping us well informed! I have enjoyed reading your blog and I hope I can afford a box of supreme this year. I gotta try one high-end box for once in this lifetime.

  2. Good luck at your rip Party. Lookin’ forward to seeing the results.

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