These Cards Float Like A Butterfly and Sting Like A Bee

Leaf is really stepping up to the plate when it comes to their first Muhammad Ali product they plan to release this year.  During the 2010 National, we learned that Leaf had entered into a 2-year deal with Muhammad Ali Enterprises.  When I heard this, I really didn’t think too much about it because I don’t follow boxing all that much.  But after seeing some early pictures, this product looks exciting.

Each box contains (5) base cards, (1) Muhammad Ali themed insert (event worn, fight worn, autographed fight worn, cut signature, or 1/1 printing plate, (2) autographed cards from Ali opponents, associates, or “Fans of Ali”.  The “Fans of Ali” autographs include Nolan Ryan, Donald Trump, Hulk Hogan, and Magic Johnson.  Every autograph that isn’t an Ali cut signature is on-card.  Collectors can view the sales sheet here.  A box will cost about $85.00.


If anyone from Leaf is reading this, I have one little suggestion.  Perhaps sometime within the next 2 years you could produce some Ali cards like Ringside Boxing – Round 1.  These painted cards featuring Ali look superb, and collectors go nuts over them.


2 Responses

  1. So let’s do some math – 399 numbered cases equals uh…23,940 base cards at 5 base per pack and 12 packs per case. 100 cards per set means there’s a whopping 239.4 sets TOTAL. Can you say NIGHTMARE to collect?

    Nice idea, but unless there’s a retail version with nothing but base cards and a CHANCE at a nice insert, forget it.

  2. It’s FLOAT like a butterfly……….

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