Drama…Drama…Drama – Bradford Style

SCU and The Sports Card File are two excellent blogs.  Today, they each posted on the topic of how this Sam Bradford 2010 Panini Certified Mirror Black Quad NFL Autograph didn’t find its way into packs, and was potentially used as a replacement.  I say potentially, because all we have to go on is this message board post.

I for one think this card should have been inserted into packs seeing that its probably the biggest hit you could pull.  But if it fell into that dreaded 2%, so be it.  I’m interested to hear what Panini has to say about it.  Panini is extremely good at marketing, one of the best of all the manufacturers.  I say its a marketing strategy to get more people to talk about their products.  Lets face it, this isn’t the only Bradford one-of-one that could be pulled from Certified.  Remember, its when people stop talking that you worry 🙂


One Response

  1. its to bad they scooped the story from us, and didn’t thank us. We had It posted and commented on hours before both of them.

    The Mojo Beard

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