ITG’s Heroes & Prospects Baseball Cuts

ITG’s Heroes & Prospects baseball isn’t due to be released until 2/24/11, but boxes are already preselling for $80.00.  Considering you get 5 “hits” and no base cards, thats not too expensive.  There are plenty of collectors who have paid more and received much less.

On the “Heroes” side of things, the cut signatures are probably going to be some of the bigger “hits” you can find.


Collectors can look for cut signatures of the following:

  • HP-MM Mickey Mantle
  • HP-HA Hank Aaron
  • HP-JD Joe DiMaggio
  • HP-TW Ted Williams
  • HP-SK Sandy Koufax
  • HP-RC Roy Campanella
  • HP-JR Jackie Robinson
  • HP-WM Willie Mays
  • HP-RCL Roberto Clemente
  • HP-HG Hank Greenberg
  • HP-CS Casey Stengel
  • HP-EM Eddie Mathews
  • HP-BR Babe Ruth
  • HP-TC Ty Cobb
  • HP-DD Don Drysdale
  • HP-JB James “Cool Papa” Bell

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