Leaf’s Newest Cut Signature Endeavour

Whether you like them or not, cut signature products are here to stay.  They must sell well because companies keep making them.

Leaf has given collectors a little preview of their newest cut signature product – Executive Collection.  This product comes with a little twist.  Collectors make the set.  If you have a PSA/DNA or JSA certified autograph, Leaf will insert that signature into a card and encapsulate it.  It will then be added to their population report which can be accessed online.  The first cuts of anyone submitted to Leaf are considered 1/1’s.  They will be placed in a Masterpiece cut design.  Repeated cuts will be placed in the standard design.





I think its a great concept and I’m interested in seeing how consumers will receive it.  I’d love to print up some index cards that say “Sports Card Info” in the background and get an autograph on it.  Seeing something like that in a card would really cool.  I want to immortilize my blog in cardboard!!!

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