2010 Topps Supreme Rip Party

Sports Zone Memorabilia held another Rip Party last night.  This time we were busting a case of 2010 Topps Supreme Football.  Boxes only cost $87.00.  Thats a deal considering they’re now selling for almost $130.00.  At the time you could sign up for the party, prices were much lower.

This time, there was no picking teams.  Everyone got to keep whatever they pulled from their box.  There were a lot of nice hits.  I think the base cards are my favorite thing about this product.  I like the design and they are printed on thick card stock.  Topps, Beckett, and Sports Zone Memorabilia supplied a ton on great prizes.  The best thing about these rip parties, is that if you don’t get a great pull, your most likely going to get a nice prize like a box or a pack.





4 Responses

  1. Wish they had Rip Parties up here in Canada, they sound like alot of fun.
    Thanks for showing off what you got.

    Being a Jays fan would the Deck McGuire be available for trade?

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