An Upper Deck Product Worth Opening

Its been a long time since I’ve opened an Upper Deck product.  To be honest, I don’t think they’ve issued a product worth busting.  The last time I busted an Upper Deck box was last fall which was 2010 NCAA Football.  Ironically 2011 NCAA Football might be the next Upper Deck product I open.  The 2011 version looks really good, and isn’t overloaded with plain colored jerseys.  There are (4) packs per box and an autograph inside each pack.  I absolutely love the signatures on those little mini-helmets.  Booklets are all the rage in The Hobby right now, so it would seem natural for them to make an appearance here.  Each case will yield an autographed booklet.  These books are going to have to be some of the thickest cards ever.

I miss Upper Deck having an MLB and NFL license.  They produce good looking college stuff, but its still not the same.  Its like putting a Ferrari engine in a Model T.  It can be done, but it doesn’t quite look right.



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