Flashback Product of the Week: 1990 Score M.V.P. Card & Pin

One of the very few times cards and pins and have been brought together.  1990 Score M.V.P. comes in baseball and football.  Each package contains (1) card and (1) collectors pin.  Judging by the sales on eBay, I can see why no company has ever attempted to put these two things together again.  They just don’t sell well.  I’m still not giving up on the idea that pins and cards could go together.  They way this product was made looks very cheap.  If they can fit coins into cards, they can fit a pin.


One Response

  1. I collect Jim Abbott, along with Cleveland Indians, and I have Jim’s MVP sitting on a shelf with my collection of his cards and other memorabilia. I always liked the odd ball items.

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