Evolution Exposed

It looks like Upper Deck will be the first manufacturer to release an insert with on-card video capability.  Collectors will be able to find them in 2011 Upper Deck Football which is scheduled to release on 4/12/11.  Upper Deck says Evolution cards will be made for Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Patrick Willis, and DeSean Jackson.  I’m sure there will be more.

As you can see, each card comes with a built-in screen, play button, and rechargeable battery.  I think the rechargeable battery is a great idea, because then you don’t have to hunt around for batteries.  No power = paperweight 🙂  They will be about a half-an-inch thick too.

Earlier this week, Panini said they have plans to release HD video cards later this year.  Panini’s will be hand-numbered, autographed, and they plan to try them out with NBA players first.  No word yet on whether they will be rechargeable or not.  I would hope so.

On-card video seems to be an interesting idea.  I don’t want to see them overproduce it, but we all know how that goes.


Throw in a DNA relic, and thats about as close as you’ll get to owning an actual player.

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