Flashback Product of the Week: 1990 Topps All-Stars Doubleheaders

Lets put a base card and a reprinted rookie all in one holder and sell it to collectors.  Thats what must have gone through Topps’s mind when they thought of this product.  1990 Topps All-Stars Doubleheaders contains 36 packs per box.  Inside each pack is a holder that contains a ’90 Topps base card on one side, and a reprinted rookie on the other.  The most valuable thing about this product are the holders.  And thats not much.  Products from this time were so overproduced it just drove the price way down.  I think it was a little early to be making reprints of cards from the 80’s.  Topps made this product back in 1989 too.


2 Responses

  1. I have never heard of this or seen this set before – amazing – Topps reprinted cards in 1989 from the early 1980s – very interesting

  2. I have boxes of these. if you would like any let me know 248-225-1329

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