Contest! – It’s Miller Time – NOW CLOSED

Don’t get excited.  I’m not giving away beer.  This week you’ll have the chance to win this Von Miller 2011 Donruss Elite Rookie Turn of the Century autograph #’ed/299.  Miller was pick #2 in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft.  It is in excellent condition.  Good luck!!!


Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Friday, July  8, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m. EST
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post
  • You can enter once per day
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering
  • The winner will receive an e-mail when the contest is over
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

46 Responses

  1. I was really hoping for beer, but this will do. Cool card…even if it is a Bronco.

  2. Thanks for the contest. Its a sweet looking card.

  3. Thanks for the contest!

  4. I’m in, beer or cards is a can’t lose deal.

  5. it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!

  6. I’ll take the card… american beer is pretty much water anyways. 🙂

  7. im in first entry lol i want this hahaha

  8. Great contest!

  9. entry 1, thanks as always, pop atop miller time

  10. Sweet contest! Count me in!

  11. Thanks!

  12. Cool Name for a football player. Nice card too.

  13. He’s going to be the best pick out of this years draft.

  14. Entry numero dos

  15. 1st entry

  16. Entry dos and if i may treis

  17. computer messing up, not sure if u receive my first entry earlier today, thanks

  18. First entry, I don’t drink anymore, but I don’t drink any less. I guess It’s Miller Time! WooHoo!!!

  19. 1st one, thanks

  20. Miller is a beast I would love to have this card.

  21. Another entry

  22. 2nd one

  23. 2nd one

  24. entry 3, pass me a miller

  25. Another entry please

  26. second entry!!! “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” Its Miller Time!!! WooHoo!!!!

  27. another one

  28. 4th entry

  29. hoping to win!

  30. ¡¡¡ooɥooʍ ¡¡¡ǝɯıʇ ɹǝןןıɯ s,ʇı ¡¡ʞunɹp ןǝǝɟ ı ¿uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ sı ʎɥʍ ¡¡¡ʎɹʇuǝ pɹıɥʇ

  31. Hook me up! Big Broncos collector here. You can see some of my collection (outdated as it is) at

  32. 2nd entry

  33. Thee winning entry!

  34. Last entry for me since the contest ends today.

  35. Final entry for me thank you

  36. last one

  37. final entry, good luck all

  38. Just checking to see if you weren’t charging to much for the high life, no giving it away for free.

  39. my last chance… thanks again.

  40. last one here

  41. One last entry from the Broncos fan … I’ll beg if I have to. 😉

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