Get Your Exclusive Heritage Rookies From Topps At The National

Topps will distribute 5 rookie cards this year at the National Sports Collectors Convention.  These cards were not included in 2011 Topps Heritage.  These cards will be limited to 299 copies each.  One player will be given out each day.  Collectors can obtain these cards by opening 5 packs of any 2011 Topps and/or Bowman brand at the Topps booth.  Only 1 card per collector each day.  Here  is the schedule:

  • 8/3/11 – Dustin Ackley
  • 8/4/11 – Dee Gordon
  • 8/5/11 – Mike Moustakas
  • 8/6/11 – Michael Pineda
  • 8/7/11 – Zach Britton


Remember the Strasburg promotion Topps did last year?  That was nuts.  We lost a lot of good collectors trying to get into that line 🙂


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