The 2011 Little League World Series

Despite it poured this morning and a hurricane is on the way, I made it up to the Little League World Series today.  I had myself a hamburger, root beer slushy, and some M&M’s.  I watched a little of the Mexico vs. Japan game, but you all know what I was there for…PINS!!!


Mexico vs. Japan



Where’s Nomar, Hershiser, and Kruk?

It didn’t take long for me to get a bunch of new pins.  Most of them were free.


This pin is made by Wilson Trophy and is actually quite big.  The red and blue in the background is translucent and looks really cool when held up to the light.


Baseball Factory just happened to be giving these away when I got there.  They stopped giving them away after 200 pins.


I saw a line forming and I had no idea what it was for, but got in it anyway.  The line ended up being for Russell Athletic wristbands.  A man in front of my turned around and gave me this pin from his district.  It shows George Washington crossing the Delaware River.  Instead of paddles they’re holding baseball bats.






Dunkin’ Donuts


I saw that the Lycoming Mall was having a card show this weekend.  I went over to check it out, but it wasn’t anything special.  There is a Dick’s over at the mall, and I remember seeing Dick’s LLWS pins online.  After asking if they had any, they gave me some for free.


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