Bleacher Creatures!


Cliff Lee

We live in a wonderful time where team names and logos appear on almost anything you can possibly think of.  I came across an interesting company called Bleacher Creature Toys which make officially licensed collectibles geared mainly towards children, but big kids can have fun with their stuff too.  They make plush toys, puppets, and even funny wind-ups.  It’s impossible to look at any of their products and not smile.  Browsing through their catalog and finding your favorite player in plush form is down right funny.  One of the best features of their 14” plush toys is that they can actually standup by themselves.  They also have extremely animated facial features too.  They are currently working on their NFL and NHL lines, and are planning to release some new products.  No man-cave should be without at least one of their products.

The world is too serious of a place sometimes.  Its good to get away and have fun once in awhile.


You Phillies fans might want to try out this new wallpaper for your desktop.

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  1. The Utley and Howard are freaking hilarious…

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