The Philly Show Is Dying

Hunt Auctions is the owner of The Philly Show, and they are down right killing it.  Ever since the show moved to the Valley Forge Convention Center fewer dealers have been coming.  They keep raising the price for booth space, and the facility the show is held in is falling apart.  This doesn’t take into account that the bathrooms look like a crime scene from CSI and they didn’t have the air conditioning on.  The dealers and visitors weren’t warned about any of the construction that is currently taking place either.  To get to the show, you had to take such a long walk through the hotel.  They could have had more tables to sit at too.  Upper Deck, Hunt Auctions owner should be ashamed.  I miss the days when The Philly Show was held at The Fort Washington Expo Center and The Greater Reading Expo Center.

Since there were such few dealers it didn’t take long to browse through most of the tables.  As usual there were a lot of vintage cards, but I did find some dealers that carried modern stuff.  I didn’t purchase any single cards for my collection.  Instead I bought two boxes of 2011 Topps Finest Football from Marty’s Sports Card Exchange, a few supplies from Eddie of ESE Supplies, and an autograph ticket for Pat Gillick.  MAB Celebrity does a great job when it comes to organizing and bring in the athletes.  That still is a big draw for collectors.

This may have been the last time I attend The Philly Show for awhile until they shape up.  That’s what I heard from a lot of dealers.  I might give the show at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a shot.  Many dealers had positive things to say about it.  I hear its run by the same group that does the Chantilly show.

Tomorrow I will reveal what I pulled from my two boxes of 2011 Topps Finest Football.


Pat Gillick – 2011 member of the Baseball HOF.  Gillick was the General Manager of the Phillies when they won the 2008 World Series.  He was very nice to come out from behind the table for a photo.


Gillick’s signature can be seen on the right


Bill Mazeroski


Julius Erving – “Dr. J”


Former Phillies shortstop Dickie Thon


Former Phillies second baseman/shortstop Mariano Duncan


Former Phillies Outfielder Ollie Brown


Tyrell Biggs – 1984 Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist

6 Responses

  1. the show when it was at the george washington motor lodge there was no room to walk around it needed a bigger space and the economy was much better so it was way to crowded the show died when it went to the expo center in fort washington

    • The old Philly shows were tremendous back in the mid 1970’s ,Wayne Varner,Ted Taylor Tony Carrafiel and others were class gentleman who were hobbyist. Today the influx of big dealers Tristar Heritage Hunt etc have ruined the hobby. Only money matters.

  2. How is the Philly Show now days? Are there a lot of people/vendors there? Has it gotten better or worse since 2011? Thanks for your blog!

  3. The Philly Show was always vintage first, modern shiny cards a second thought. Why do you think those dealers were in the back of the room? If you want shiny cards go to your local fire house show every month. But if you’re a serious collector of vintage, Ft Washington has always been the best show on the east coast. Table fees? Whats that to you if you dont set up? Higher fees bring serious dealers and not $10 wax box dealers.

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