2011 Absolute Memorabilia Box Break & Review

Design: Photobucket

The design is very similar to past releases of Absolute Memorabilia.  One drastic improvement are the on-card autographs when it comes to the Rookie Premiere Materials.  I like the overall new design on that set.  The RPM have a much cleaner look, and the on-card autographs are signed on a white area of the card which allows the signature to stand out better.  Previous RPM have used stickers placed directly over the foil.  I’m not staying ’11 Absolute Memorabilia doesn’t have stickers, because it has plenty, but the RPM have been improved.

Price: Photobucket

Boxes are currently selling for around $155.00.

“Hit” Quality: Photobucket

You are guaranteed a “hit” inside each of the (4) packs.  I pulled the following:


  • Clyde Gates Rookie Premiere Materials Jersey/Ball/Jersey Auto #’ed/299
  • Justin Houston Spectrum RC Auto #’ed/299
  • Christian Ponder Rookie Premiere Materials Jersey/Ball/Jersey #’ed/99
  • Ryan Williams Rookie Premiere Materials 3-Color Patch/Ball/3-Color Patch #’ed/50
Serial #’ed cards
  • Baron Batch RC #’ed/399
  • Ryan Whalen RC #’ed/399
  • Quinton Carter Spectrum RC #’ed/25
  • Warren Moon NFL Icons #’ed/100
Overall: Photobucket
Overall, ’11 Absolute Memorabilia gets an average 3 footballs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  The RPM look a lot better especially with the on-card autographs.  At $155.00 per box its definitely not within every collectors price range.  Give it a little time, and the price will come down.

One Response

  1. I’m very jealous of the Ryan Williams. As a Virginia Tech Hokie collector, I’m digging that we have a rookie getting some nice cards, even if I can’t afford them!

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