Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 Cardtoons


Colorful, entertaining, and funny are three words that can describe 1993 Cardtoons.  This 156-card parody set contains caricatures of many popular baseball players.  Sports artists such as Dayne Dudley and Dave Simpson provided much of the artwork.  This is one of the most comical sets you’ll probably find.  The comics aren’t limited to the card fronts either.  On the reverse you’ll find comical career highlights as well.  Sealed boxes can be found for $10.00 to $20.00.   Anyone find it disturbing that Canseco has a Cabbage Patch Kid pictured on his hat?


I like how this Jordan card slightly contains what looks like the Nike logo.

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  1. […] parody set pushes the envelope a little further when compared to other ones at the time such as Cardtoons.  Cardtoons were fun and playful, ’92 Confex Baseball Enquirer turns up the heat a bit when […]

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