Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Traks Race Cards

This was the premiere issue of Traks Race Cards.  Its advertised that the set consists of 200 cards, but for you die-hard Traks collectors there really are 212 cards.  Like many products at the time, 1991 Traks was drastically overproduced.  The set was filled with errors and Traks released a handful of corrections.  There is a lot of chipping too due to the black borders.

Jeff Gordon #1 would be the most prominent card within this product.  It was the first widely issued Gordon card.  To most collectors this would be considered his rookie.  They can easily be found for a few dollars.


The people of Traks did a nice job when it came to the design of the box.  Its suppose to look like a race car.  I’d like to see more manufacturers come out with unique box designs that not only look cool, but can easily be stacked too.


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