2011 Leaf Pete Rose Legacy – 2 Box Break & Review

Design: Photobucket

Leaf made use of some great photographs where airbrushing didn’t have to be done in order to avoid seeing the team name and/or logo.  Sure, there are some airbrushed photographs in the set, but its not that big of a deal.

On the reverse side of the base cards, Leaf made sure to put a nice description of the photograph that is on the front.  I think that’s extremely educational on their part and its not something every manufacturer would do.  Leaf took their time.

Leaf allowed Rose to use various ink colors while signing all these cards.  They look fantastic considering the area of the cards Rose signed are all white.  The white background makes all those signatures and inscriptions standout.  The autographs are all on-card too.

Price: Photobucket

I picked-up my two boxes for $85.00 each, but I’m fairly confident you can find them for cheaper.

“Hit” Quality: Photobucket

Each box contains an autograph of Pete Rose.  At the very least your “hit” will have an autograph without an inscription serial numbered to 30.  That’s not bad.  Collectors can look for low numbered autographs with rare inscriptions.  Be sure to check the base cards too.  You may have a reverse negative.  My two boxes contained the following:


  • Pete Rose #A-9 Red Ink Auto w/ “Hit King” inscription #’ed/10
  • Pete Rose #CHA-11 Green Ink Auto w/ “17x All Star” inscription #’ed/5


  • Pete & Coach #36
  • Practice Makes Perfect #14
  • “The Hit King” #56
  • Pete Rose And “Harry” Pete Rose #4
  • 1985 Man of the Year #53
  • Grounded #8
  • Atlanta (1978) #23
  • One Heck Of A Try #38
  • 1970 Series #6
  • Baseball’s All-Time Hit King #54

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give 2011 Leaf Pete Rose Legacy 4.5 baseballs out of 5 (1=poor and 5=perfect).  Leaf did an excellent job with this product.  If I had it my way, I’d make this product of the year.  There are so many products out there based on the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cowboys.  Its nice to see a product based on something a little different.  Pete Rose is one of the most important baseball players in history.  He rightfully deserves his own product, and you can’t beat an autograph inside each box.  I could open boxes of this stuff all day.


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