Topps Gains A Friend As Upper Deck Loses One

In 2012 collectors can look for Ken Griffey, Jr autographs to starting popping out of their Topps packs.  That’s right, I said Topps.  Topps landed a deal with “The Kid” and his first Topps autographs will be included in ’12 Tribute and ’12 Gypsy Queen.



For years Upper Deck products were the only place you could pull a Griffey, Jr autograph.  With Upper Deck’s baseball card making days in the past, and Topps having the only MLB license, it makes perfect sense why they would sign him.

Having this kind of news come out today is just another indication of how Upper Deck is falling apart.  I don’t know how they’re surviving.  Hockey and soccer must really be bringing in the dough.  I hope they can hold on and regain their baseball license once again because I think Upper Deck makes extremely good looking products.  It’s been awhile since I’ve opened an Upper Deck product at all.

I’d like to see Leaf make a deal with “The Kid”.  He has an excellent fan base where a product like Pete Rose Legacy would work.  In addition to that, I’m sure nobody would be apposed to seeing a Griffey, Jr signed Valiant card.  His Crusade inserts are some of the most popular from the 90’s.  Can you imagine what an autographed version would be worth?  Many people say unlicensed baseball products just don’t work.  I respectfully disagree.  They can be quite successful as long as the manufacturer doesn’t go about making them as if they were licensed.  You have to go at it with a unique perspective in mind.  Leaf does this very well.

The card pictured below just screams irony 🙂


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