Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Cards Are Coming In 2012


There are very few shows that I make it a point to stop what I’m doing to watch.  Because of the internet I know I can catch mostly anything online whenever I want, or just wait for a rerun to come around.  Two shows in history have come on that I made it a point to watch – ER and The Big Bang Theory.

ER of coarse went off the air over two years ago, but The Big Bang Theory is pumping on all cylinders and going strong.  I find it so funny, entertaining, and relatable.  Maybe its because I’m a big geek myself and love superheroes.  I’ve been watching it since it debuted in 2007, but have been watching it more since it started airing on TBS.

I don’t blog a whole lot about entertainment products, but this time I am.  Coming in mid-February, collectors will be introduced to Cryptozoic’s The Big Bang Theory trading card set.  Boxes will cost around $60.00 and collectors can look for autographs and relics of the cast.  A big thanks to Susan Lulgjuraj and her piece she wrote for Beckett’s Blog on this product.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

I look forward to seeing more of this product as the release date approaches (2/14/12).  It will be interesting to see how the secondary market reacts to these cards.  I’m sure the autographs and relics will be a big hit.






2 Responses

  1. I may actually have to get some of those.

  2. […] plans to release its much anticipated card set based on one of my favorite T.V. shows – The Big Bang Theory.  Collectors who purchase the exclusive album to put their cards in will also receive a Dr. […]

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