Our First Glimpse Of 2012 Leaf Golf Metal


As promised, here are some early glimpses of 2012 Leaf Golf Metal which will be released in February or March.  One thing is for sure, Jack Nicklaus is in it.  Check out that on-card autograph goodness.  Just to clear something up, Tiger Woods is not in this product.  Woods has an exclusive agreement with Upper Deck.  Boxes of Leaf Golf Metal will have (2) base cards and (3) autographs.  Leaf hasn’t released a checklist yet, but I’m hoping guys like McIlroy, Schwartzel, and Yang are in it too.  You want to know who I’d really like to see in it?  John Daly.  I bet he could include a few unique inscriptions.


Check out the background.  Looks like the dimples on a golf ball.


Enlarge image


Enlarge image

3 Responses

  1. I’ll buy some

  2. […] is fun to open.  I’m really looking forward to some of Leaf’s 2012 products such as Golf Metal and Lombardi Legacy.  Next, I would like to see Leaf dedicate an entire product to the Phillies. […]

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