Upcoming 2012 Leaf Product Releases

In case you haven’t seen, Leaf plans to release some great looking products this year.  I’m looking forward to trying some.  Take a look…


U.S. Army All-American Football set

It looks like the metal theme has spread to the U.S. Army All-American set too.

Enlarge image


Legends of Sport

These cards look quite nice judging by the sales sheet.  Lots of use of the color white, which really makes the autographs, photos, and designs standout.  Every card in the set is autographed and serial numbered to 50 or less.  There are (3) autographs per box.

Enlarge image


Poker Metal

Enlarge image


Executive Collection

You don’t exactly buy boxes of Executive Collection, but I’m glad Leaf brought it back this year.  Executive Collection is unique where collectors get to build the set by submitting their certified autographs and having them turned into cut signatures.  Judging by past sales, collectors really enjoy them.  The Andrew Luck 2011 Executive Collection 1/1 autograph recently sold for $1,000.00.

Enlarge image


Lombardi Legacy

Enlarge image


Golf Metal

Enlarge image


Oval Office Cut Signature Edition

At $2,500.00+ for a box of cards, I probably won’t be trying Oval Office Cut Signature Edition.

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  1. where is history of baseball?

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