Look Out Leaf! Here Comes 2012 UD SP Authentic Golf


Look out Leaf.  It looks as if Upper Deck is coming out with 2012 SP Authentic Golf.  Every box will contain at least (3) autographs and (1) rookie card on average.  As you can see, Upper Deck hasn’t lost its touch when it comes to product design.  I think they look fantastic!  Boxes will contain (20) packs each.

Collectors have been wanting manufacturers to bring a golf product back to the market for years.  Now after 7 long years, collectors will have two to look forward too.  Leaf’s Golf Metal will hit the market in March and SP Authentic will makes its way out in June.  With Upper Deck having relics, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan on their side it will be interesting to see how Leaf’s Golf Metal will stand up.  Either way, collectors are going to get two great looking golf products this year.






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