Dave & Adam’s Acquire Rare 90’s Football Box


Dave & Adam’s Card World acquires a lot of unique products.  Recently they became the owner of a sealed box of 1997 Upper Deck Legends Football.  This is one of my favorite products from the 90’s, and finding a sealed box is quite rare.

Each box contains (20) packs in which you will find (2) retired/HOF autographs.  The base set consists of 208 cards, plus you have some nice inserts such as Marquee Matchups and Big Game Hunters.  At the time this product was released, packs cost around $5.00 each.  That comes to about $100.00 for a box, perhaps a little less.  Over the years, 1997 Upper Deck Legends Football has become very popular driving up the price of the autographs.  This in return drives up the price of a sealed box if you can find one.  If your feeling nostalgic and have some deep pockets, this box can be yours for the low cost of $1,199.95.  Its on sale and I believe they lowered the price after they initially listed it.

I would love to bust a box of this stuff, but that’s way out of my price range.  My first autographed card I pulled from a pack came from ’97 UD Legends Football.  It was of Detroit Lions RB Lem Barney.  I also remember pulling a Joe Montana Big Game Hunters insert.  If anyone decides to pull the trigger on this bad boy, I want to see what comes out.

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