“Pin-Up” of the Week: Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee Pin


I was really hoping that the 49ers would make it to the Super Bowl this year.  Instead it looks as if we’re going to have a repeat of the 2008 Super Bowl.  I hope the Giants win tomorrow because the Patriots have won it enough times.

Earlier this week I thought this pin was given out by the media.  I was completely wrong.  Instead it was given out by the Super Bowl Host Committee after last year’s game.  There are people on eBay trying to pass these off as the Super Bowl XLVI media pins but that’s not true.  One that was advertised as a Host Committee pin recently sold for $25.00.

One Response

  1. This was indeed the only pin that was given to the media. I specifically asked a member of the Host Committee for a “Media Pin” and she handed me the same pin in the picture. Of course, after Super Bowl XXXIX (39) the host committee began distributing the pins rather than the NFL. And while it says “Host Committee” where it should (IMO) say “Media” this pin was the only one that was distributed that I am aware of.

    I don’t like it either, but I believe we have to consider this the official Super Bowl XLVI media pin.

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