Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Racing


Pinnacle was truly on top of their game in 1997 with their Certified and Totally Certified products that covered baseball, football, hockey, and even racing.  Every base card in 1997 Totally Certified Racing is serial numbered to 2,999 copies.  These would be considered the Platinum Red cards.  The Platinum Blue parallels are limited to 1,999 copies and the Platinum Golds have only 49.

You don’t hear a lot about the racing version of ’97 Totally Certified.  The baseball, football, and hockey are much popular.  I bet most collectors don’t even remember that Pinnacle made racing products during the 90’s.  Obviously the Platinum Gold parallels are the most sought after since they had far less made.

The design is classic from the 90’s.  You have that all too familiar “Peel Off” sticker on the front.  I never peeled these things off, even though they totally distract you from the card’s overall design.  I always left them on to protect the card.  They do look excellent when taken off.


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