Topps Officially Has Valentine’s Day Covered

In 1961 Topps added another Valentine’s Day set to their crazy lineup of products.  The official name of it was Topps Giant Funny Valentines.  I refer to this set as the “tall boys” of Valentine’s Day products.  Unlike the other Valentine’s Day sets Topps issued in 1959 and 1960, these cards are much bigger.  The cards found in the 1961 set measure 2-1/2″ x 4-3/4″.  I guess Topps thought they had to change things up a bit.  All of the drawings were done by Jack Davis.  On the front you’ll find a cartoon which sets you up for a punchline on the back.  Topps reissued them again in 1966.


1961 Topps Giant Funny Valentines #53 front


1961 Topps Giant  Funny Valentines #53 back – its not uncommon to find writing on the backs considering they were made to be given to people


1960 Topps Funny Valentines front


1959 Topps Funny Valentines front

Garbage Pail Kids also have a bunch of Valentine’s Day themed cards.




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