Super Bowl XLVI Champ Henry Hynoski Signing


This afternoon New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski was signing autographs at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.  The event was sponsored by the Susquehanna Valley Mall and ESPN 92.3FM.  Hynoski played for Southern Columbia High School, then went on to play for the University of Pittsburgh.  He recently won Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants.  Everyone could get (3) items signed free of charge.  The place was totally packed.  The line started outside of Bon-Ton and by the time I left the line was all the way back to Sears.  That’s a long line.  Luckily I got there early enough and didn’t have to wait too long.  They were also handing out miniature ESPN footballs and Pepsi products.  Hynoski was signing right outside of Schuylkill Valley Sports.  They were selling tons of Giants items you could get signed.  How convenient? 🙂

Henry Hynoski is one of those rookies from last year that doesn’t have a ton of cards.  As of right now, you can only find his cards in Plates & Patches and Playoff Contenders.  His Plates & Patches cards seem to be a lot more popular than the Playoff Contenders.

During Super Bowl XLVI Hynoski caught 2 passes for 19 yards, and recovered an Hakeem Nicks fumble in the third quarter.



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  1. Thats awesome! Wished I had lived closer to go being a HUGE Giants fan and Hynoski is awesome. He was a free agent rookie and I am so glad the Giants picked him up. Nothing is better than when Eli throws a short pass out in the flats to him and watching his ability to allude. You wouldn’t expect it from a big guy…but hey..hes an athlete!

  2. I was at the hynoski autogragh signing on 3-3-2012 and it was completely unoriginized, If you were at the front of the line you got multiple autographs and pictures with him but if you were in the middle of the line , like me , forget about it, we had just gotten to him and they announced no pictures and only 1 autograph. What bullshit is that?, i stood in line for two and a half hours for them to tell me that!, We didn’t even get to meet him, they just took our item and gave it to him and we were rushed out of the way. Maybe if your gonna do an autograph signing you should do just that, and if your gonna do a meet and greet fine, not both and then screw the people that are further in line. People behind me were cut off and told they weren’t getting to meet him. Complete lack of originization, and people in the front of the line screwed everybody else by getting 20 different things signed and standing around bullshittin with him, should have been 1 autograph and get moving like everybody else does, they knew there would be a big crowd. What a joke!

  3. […]  This is a great opportunity for those people that didn’t get to meet him last week at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.  If its anything like last weekend, I’m sure it will be packed. Share […]

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