Interchangeable Shadow Box Cards Coming To 2012 SPx Football


Upper Deck introduced the Shadow Box insert to collectors back in 2009.  Collectors gladly welcomed them into the hobby and consider them to be some of the nicest looking insert cards to date.  In most cases they are case hits and quite difficult to pull.  The autographed Shadow Box cards are even harder to find.  The Shadow Box card is a perfect example of the type of innovation Upper Deck can bring to the table.  Cards like this beat out any card that might contain built in video or anything along that line.  The other week I got my first look at a Shadow Box card in person.  I’ve seen them online before.  It was of Tim Tebow and it looked really cool.

This June, Upper Deck will release 2012 SPx Football.  Collectors can look forward to finding more Shadow Box cards, except this time they will be a little different.  Upper Deck is introducing interchangeable acetate slots (that sounds scientific) so you can create your own Shadow Box cards. There will be all kinds of different rarity levels and autographs.  I think its a decent upgrade.  At least they didn’t try to include video in them.

When something becomes popular in today’s hobby, its usually overproduced to the max.  One day jersey cards are found (1) per case and the next you start finding them in every pack.  That’s just how things go.  With the popularity of the Shadow Box card, I’m surprised a product hasn’t been released where you find one per box or one per pack.  Upper Deck has kept the production of Shadow Box cards low from product to product helping them to retain their value.  Creating a non-autograph/relic insert and having it become popular is something almost unheard of today.

As for the rest of 2012 SPx Football, you will find (4) autographs or memorabilia cards on average inside each box.




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