Tickets For The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Are Now On Sale


Tickets for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention are now on sale.  As usual you have your general admission, VIP Package, and/or SuperVIP Package to choose from.  This year’s convention takes place on August 1-5 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Right now its early, and they only have three VIP signers – Mike Hargrove, Dexter Manley, and Joe Washington, but many more will be added.  No word yet on what will be included within the VIP packages either, but that will soon come.  The promos are the best thing about the NSCC.  Plus you have the opportunity to meet some great athletes.


In addition to the list above, Bob Griese, Rod Carew, Ralph Kiner, Steve Carlton, Gordie Howe, Jim Bunning, Billy Williams, Goose Gossage, Phil Niekro, Fergie Jenkins, and Earl Weaver are scheduled to come.

Press Pass will be giving away this Danica Patrick autographed banner at their booth too.


More info on manufacturer’s promos and wrapper redemption programs coming soon!  Its never to early for National news!!!

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