Flashback Product of the Week: 1994-95 Canada Games NHL Pogs


Pogs were one of the biggest fads of the 1990’s.  I remember having canisters filled with these little disks.  They gained popularity almost as fast as kids lost interest in them.  If I remember correctly, this is how you played.

  1. Each player picks which pogs from their collection they will play with.  Usually each player must put in an equal amount.
  2. Place the pogs upside down with the backs facing up.
  3. Each player has what they call a “slammer” or “slug” which looks and feels like a heavy pog.  Most of the time they were made with plastic or metal.  Drop the “slammer” or “slug” on the stack to see how many pogs you can flip over.
  4. Remove the pogs that flipped over and whoever has the most pogs at the end wins.

Today pogs aren’t worth that much.  I’m sure there are some rare occasions where one sells for a ton of money, but most are worthless.  The designs are fun to look at.  My local mall had a pog stand at the height of their popularity.

Manufacturers put almost anything they could think of on pogs.  Cartoon characters, T.V. shows, movies, superheroes, books, and even anti-drug messages.  Its not surprising that sports figures made their way onto these little things.

1994-95 Canada Games NHL Pogs was one of the sports related sets.  In fact, the Canada Games Company was one of the driving forces behind the entire pogs fad.  This set consists of 376 pogs and 8 checklists.  Each pack contained 5 pogs.

I highly doubt we’ll see these make a comeback anytime soon.

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