Card Annoyances: Pro-Index Card Storage System


When I first started collecting 15+ years ago, I tried all kinds of different ways to store my cards.  First it was shoe boxes, then plastic boxes made for cards, and finally I landed on what I use today, standard white cardboard boxes.  But somewhere in between all of that I gave ProGard’s Pro-Index Card Storage System a try.

The idea is quite simple.  It’s basically a box that allows you to easily flip through your cards.  After placing the card in the specially made holder, you can snap the card into the bottom of the box.  The holder is on a hinge that rotates and makes it easier to move.  From my experience, these holders can be a pain to get closed as they are suppose to snap together.  If you don’t do it correctly, after you press the holder into the hinge it can easily pop back open.  Another drawback is that the holders only hold standard sized cards.  Anything thicker just won’t fit.

My box came with a collectible coin.  I have no idea why.  In the end, the ProGard Pro-Index Card Storage System just isn’t the easiest way to store your cards.  Nothing will ever beat and album or cardboard box filled with top loaders.  I don’t think having a storage box that requires you to use special holders is a good idea.  I still have cards sitting in my Pro-Index Card Storage System box.  I haven’t added anything into it in years.  It reminds me of a tiny time capsule that was made back the 90’s.


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  1. Wow, really? I have been using the ProGard Pro Index boxes for years and absolutely love them. I have the 3 row cardboard card holders, cardboard boxes, and the likes and am always looking for more ProGard Pro Indexes. I never have a problem with shutting it or placing slightly thicker cards in them. Just can’t put taller cards in them and for that I agree that they should make a taller version. But it is a simple and way way to properly display trading cards and if you are unable to lock it, then the problem is not the holder but rather the operator.

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