Onyx Authenticated Introduces 2012 Platinum Prospects


Earlier this week, Onyx Authenticated gave collectors a much more in depth look at their first card product, which is due to be released near the end of June.  The official titled is 2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects.  Boxes will contain a combination of “hits”.  You can look for (5) autographs or memorabilia cards per box on average.

Even though you won’t find any MLB logos on these cards, I still think they look nice.  The black backgrounds with the gold/silver signatures are a HUGE plus.  From what we have seen so far, the relics don’t look too bad either.  I’m always happy to see a new competitor enter the baseball card market.  They sort of remind me of the prospect based products TRISTAR use to issue, but these look much better.

Even though 2012 Onyx Platinum Prospects hasn’t been released yet, I would still prefer to open it versus a box of Bowman, Bowman Chrome, or Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.  Granted some of a prospect’s most valuable cards will come from products like that, in my opinion they just aren’t that fun to open.  I’ve tried.


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