More 1/1 Sportkings Series E Art Cards from Jared Kelley + Other News


Here are some new pictures of the Jared Kelley 1/1 Art Cards that can be found within Sportkings Series E.  I know there are only a few Griffey, Jr collectors out there, and I doubt that any of them would be interested in this gorgeous piece of work.  Just kidding 🙂  Griffey, Jr collectors will go nuts over it.  These are case “hits” along with the cut signatures and Spectacular Patches.  I hope it doesn’t take too long for the Harry Kalas cut signature to surface.

In other news, the Leigh Valley Iron Pigs will be giving away miniature replica Harry Kalas statues on 5/3/12, and the Reading Phillies will be giving away a new Harry Kalas talking bobblehead on 8/27/12.  Last night I purchased a new packet of penny sleeves and a box of 2011 Leaf Pete Rose Legacy.  I hope I pull that card that says I’ve won a batting lesson from Pete Rose.  I’d probably sell it to pay for all this new Harry Kalas stuff that’s coming out.





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