Elvis Andrus Auto Contest! – NOW CLOSED

This contest will be for an Elvis Andrus 2011 Panini Limited Auto.  Good luck!!!


Contest Details:

  • This contest will end Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 8:00 p.m. EST
  • To enter, please leave a comment in this post
  • You can enter once per day
  • The winner will be selected at random
  • Please provide a valid e-mail address when entering
  • The winner will receive an e-mail when the contest is over
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this card for FREE!!!

115 Responses

  1. Thanks for the contest

  2. I am in.

  3. Sweet card sign me up!

  4. thanks for the contest

  5. First entry and I am in

  6. Great card. Please enter me in the contest!

  7. sure, I’m in… Thanks for all the GReat contests…

  8. Blue Suede shoes.

  9. I’ll try for it

  10. Sat

  11. Thanks and count me in on this one!

  12. thanks!

  13. I am Drooling over this one!

  14. Entry for Sunday. Thanks for the contest.

  15. Sunday for me.

  16. First entry thanks

  17. Thanks TEX!

  18. second entry

  19. Replying because I love Elvis!

  20. My Sunday entry

  21. My Sunday entry for Elvis Andrus.

  22. In for Sunday!

  23. In for Sunday.

  24. entry #2 on this very fine Mother’s day!

  25. Awesome contest, thanks

  26. wow -excellent!

  27. Sun

  28. sure why not

  29. Not sure what happened to my first entry, I know I left a comment for the 13th. Anyways, here’s another entry.

  30. sweet auto! entry 2

  31. Entry for Monday.

  32. Entry for May 14th

  33. WOW!!! Where did the weekend go?

  34. 1st Monday of the week…

  35. Monday for me.

  36. monday

  37. Entry for Monday

  38. Monday entry

  39. Everythings bigger in texas

  40. Thanks for Monday!

  41. In for Monday.

  42. Monday entry – thanks

  43. third entry

  44. Mon

  45. 3rd time’s a….

  46. Another entry!

  47. In for Tuesday.

  48. When’s Friday gonna get here!

  49. Tues chance.

  50. Love the look of this card. it glitters and nice sig!

  51. Tuesday

  52. tuesday

  53. Tuesday entry

  54. wow, count me in!!!

  55. Thanks for the contest!

  56. entered

  57. Tuesday!

  58. In for Tuesday

  59. A little late to the party. Here’s my first entry.

  60. fourth entry

  61. Tues

  62. 2nd entry

  63. fourth entry….

  64. 3rd entry

  65. Entry for Wednesday.

  66. When’s day?

  67. Another entry for me

  68. Wednesday, another ho-hum day.

  69. Really want this card!! please and thank you 🙂

  70. Wednesday for me, cool card

  71. Wednesday try

  72. In for Wednesday

  73. wednesday

  74. Wednesday, thought I had entered for Tuesday, but I don’t see it…

  75. Thanks for Wednesday!

  76. Sparkle and Shine

  77. fifth entry

  78. Entering again.

  79. Entering this great contest again.

  80. entering this great contest

  81. Here is my Wednesday Entry

  82. Wed

  83. another entry

  84. Im in 😉

  85. Thursday entry.

  86. It’s Thursday.

  87. Thirsty…

  88. REally like this card!

  89. Thursday for me

  90. Thursday entry

  91. In For Thursday.

  92. 4th entry

  93. Another try.

  94. Ranger Danger

  95. Thur

  96. 6th entry

  97. Love me some Elvis – so much that I named my dog after him!!!
    We also have Kinsler and Griffey!!!

  98. Thanks for Thursday!

  99. 6th and final. thanks as always!

  100. It’s Friday, thanks again

  101. Ladies and Gentlemen Elvis has left the building …………. and into my mailbox! Good luck everyone!

  102. last day to enter for this awesome card!!

  103. FLYday!!! yesh!!!

  104. Friday entry,

  105. Last one, good luck everyone

  106. Here it is Friday already

  107. Fri

  108. Swinging single

  109. Thanks for Friday!

  110. 7th entry

  111. Last entry thanks

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