Pawn Stars Featured In 2012 Leaf Pop Century


One of my favorite shows to watch is Pawn Stars on the History Channel.  I enjoy learning the history behind a lot of the items featured on the show, plus the negotiating is fun to watch.  I know there have been some parts of the show that are made just for television, and who knows what happens to some of the items when they say “lets go do some paperwork”, but I like it.  Not too long ago, Brian Gray of Leaf did an autograph signing with the stars of the show.  Fans will be able to look for their autographs in 2012 Leaf Pop Century, due out at the end of June.

Leaf has really packed ’12 Pop Century with some great celebrity autographs such as Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Lee, Donald Trump, Harrison Ford, and Ichiro.  Every box has (5) cards, each one being autographed.

Leaf has been up to a lot of things lately.  I’m excited to see what their “Peck & Snyder” product will be about.  Peck & Snyder was a sporting goods store that eventually turned into Spalding.  Their “postcard” size advertisement featuring the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings started the card collecting hobby.  Who knows what Leaf will do with this set.  They are also working on a product that is a tribute to the original 1990 Leaf set.  It will feature buyback autographed rookies of Frank Thomas I think.


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