2012 Leaf Pete Rose – The Living Legend Preview

If you’ve been reading Sports Card Info, you know what a fan I am of 2011 Leaf Pete Rose Legacy.  For under $90.00 you get five base cards (if your lucky maybe a reverse negative), and one Pete Rose autograph.  There are tons of inscriptions and relics to pull too.  It was one of my favorite products last year.

This year, Leaf is bringing another Pete Rose themed product to market – 2012 Pete Rose – The Living Legend.  For $30.00 you get ten packs plus one Pete Rose autograph.  Boxes will look like blasters.  Collectors can also look for redemptions that can be redeemed for Pete Rose signed baseballs, bats, and jerseys.  Some baseballs come inscribed “I’m sorry I bet on baseball”.

I’m not too sure about this product.  This product is much cheaper than its 2011 predecessor, but it comes with a lot more base cards – 60.  If your a Pete Rose collector on a budget, this should be right up your alley.  As for me, I think I’d stick to the 2011 boxes for now.  Nobody has come front yet and said they pulled the Rose autograph that states you’ve won a batting lesson with him.  Pete Rose signatures are really getting watered down.  Rose will soon be up there with Bob Feller for having the most autographed cards.

2012 Leaf Pete Rose – The Living Legend is scheduled to be released in August.





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