Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Pro Set Racing


When I think of racing products, the first company that comes to mind is Press Pass.  The truth is that Pro Set had a steady line of racing products released from 1991 to 1994.  Their 1991 set contains almost 150 cards, give or take all the errors and corrections they issued.  The original three errors are of Rick Hendrick #18, Bobby Allison #38, and Phil Parson #143.  When Pro Set issued corrections for these errors in a later issue, they also included a 37-card Legends insert set.  Along with the errors, there are two other key cards to look for in this set.  One would be the Bobby Allison autographed card that was randomly seeded in.  They are limited to 1,000 copies and were signed using a black fine line Sharpie.  The other to keep your eyes open for is the Winston Cup Trophy hologram that is limited to 5,000 copies.

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  1. Maxx is another brand that started with NASCAR

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