Press Pass Unveils 2012 National Promo Plans


Press Pass will not have a booth setup during the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.  The week of The National, they will be moving into a new office.  Don’t worry, just because they can’t be there doesn’t mean collectors will miss out on the promos.  Press Pass has teamed up with select dealers in order to help execute their pack promotion and wrapper redemption program.  The list of select dealers will be announced prior to The National opening.

According to Press Pass, you will receive one promo pack for each box of 2012 NASCAR product purchased.  Eligible products include Press Pass, Total Memorabilia, Ignite, Redline, and Showcase.  Within each promo pack will be a National Exclusive Showcase parallel numbered to 5 or 1.  They will also randomly throw in relics and autographs.  For those die-hard NASCAR fans, this sounds pretty good.  Earlier this year, I stated that Press Pass would be giving away signed banners at their booth.  Since it doesn’t look like they will have a booth, I think the banners will be used for their Power Packs instant win program.


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