ITG’s 2012 NSCC Box Break Redemption Plans

Hockey collectors can look for three different box break redemption programs from In The Game during the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.

The three products that qualify for these programs include UM-11 National SuperBox, Broad Street Boys, and 11-12 Between the Pipes.

After opening a box of Broad Street Boys at the In The Game booth, you will receive a 1/1 stamped Game-Used Memorabilia card from the series.



After opening a box of 2011-12 Between The Pipes, you will receive a special  die cut Game-Used Memorabilia card made for the National.  Each card will have (9) silver versions and (1) gold version.


Click here to view the die cut memorabilia card checklist.

ITG’s UM-11 National SuperBox was created in response to the success they had with the UM-11 Spring Expo SuperBox in Toronto.  Each UM-11 National SuperBox contains (5) UM-11 packs and a special 1/1 autographed dual memorabilia card.


Click here to view the 1/1 auto/dual memorabilia card checklist.

Collectors that open a box of UM-11 National SuperBox at the ITG booth will receive a 1/1 dual memorabilia card.



Click here to see the 1/1 dual memorabilia card checklist.

Official Redemption Program Rules:

All boxes and packs must be opened at the same time and all wrappers must be submitted to In The Game personnel.

Boxes MUST have shrink-wrap with the In The Game logo on it to qualify.

The redemption card offer extends through all days of the show or while supplies last and daily limits may be imposed.  In The Game reserves the right to limit the quantity of redemption cards per customer.

As in previous Redemption Programs, the following rules are in effect:

– No redemptions will take place until the show hours begin.
– Redemptions are limited to the number of cards available.
– In The Game, Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of redemptions of any individual.
– All packs must be opened at the In The Game booth.
– All redemptions are done on a random basis.
– Any part of published redemption programs may be subject to change prior to the show.

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