“Pin-Up” of the Week: Miami Heat 2012 NBA The Finals Champions Pin


Well, it looks as if LeBron James finally got his championship after being drafted almost a decade ago.  I guess everyone thought that he should have had ten championships by now.  I was routing for the Thunder.  Professional athletes all have some kind of ego, but when it comes to basketball, the Heat have some of the biggest egos around.  Remember the spectacle the Heat put on when James came to play for them?  Wade, Bosh, and James were all up on stage surrounded by fog.  Give me a break.

This pin, along with many others are starting to surface.  $10.00 seems to be the going price.  After the Heat won last night, you know what that means?  Some poor kid in Ethiopia is soon going to be walking around wearing a 2012 Thunder championship shirt.

One Response

  1. …underneath his Lebron James Cavs jersey!

    Great contest you’re running…in the meantime, there’s another awesome card contest going on at http://andrewsbaseballcards.blogspot.com !

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