The Official Sports Card Info OYO Minifigure Review


The slinky… the pet rock… Cabbage Patch Kids… Tickle-Me-Elmo.  All are top toys that parents fought to find so they could see their children’s faces light up on Christmas morning.  But now, there is a new toy preparing to hit the streets that everyone will need to have if they want to be deemed cool among their friends.  What I’m talking about of course is the official Andrew Chrisman – Sports Card Info Minifigure made by my friends over at OYO Sportstoys.


OYO Sportstoys is a fairly new company that has obtained licenses with Major League Baseball, MLBPA, and MiLB to produce minifigures of many popular players.  As of this writing, OYO Sportstoys makes minifigures covering every MLB team, and they recently started their MiLB line.  It looks like hockey and football won’t be far behind.  But one of the coolest things they have started to produce for fans are custom OYO minifigures.

There are three types of custom OYO minifigures that they offer.  If you would like your name, facial likeness, position, and number on a personalized MLB minifigure, they can easily do that.  This way you can prove to people that you actually played pro ball 🙂  The other two custom services go even further allowing you to have your own team/company name, logo, etc…  This is beyond cool!  I’m betting that anyone reading this remembers playing with LEGOs and wanting to be turned into their own minifigure.  Even the box gets customized to your liking, and resembles a baseball card.

Speaking of other building products such as LEGOs, OYO Sportstoys minifigures are completely compatible with other building toys.  This is one of the best things about their products.  You can easily integrate them with other popular building toys like LEGOs.  This way you don’t have to go out and purchase a whole new product line.  Tapping into MLB and MiLB is also an uncharted place no other minifigure manufacturer has gone.  LEGO has lightly touched on basketball, soccer, and hockey, but nothing like what OYO Sportstoys is doing.

Custom OYO minifigures make great promos for virtually anyone.  Marketing people need to take a good hard look at these.  How many times have you gone to a company event and walked with worthless promos that will most likely end up in the garbage, i.e. key chains, pencils, pens, and god knows what else.  How fun would it be to show up to a company event and see that you have your own minifigure?  Its just something different.  I hope to see these as stadium giveaways someday.

Minifigures in general are quite collectible, especially the custom ones and exclusives only available for a certain time.  It will be interesting to see how collectors respond when some of these custom OYO minifigures find their way onto the secondary market.  In many ways, these custom ones might be more in demand than anything containing an MLB or MiLB logo.  That’s just how collectors are.  I would like to see them publish a database that collectors could refer to in order to see how many of each type of custom OYO minifigure was produced.

These minifigures are much more advanced than anything we’ve seen from LEGO.  They have 11 points of articulation compared to the 7 we’re all use to.  Having this additional movement allows the minifigure to be posed in various positions we’re just no use to seeing.  It makes them look much more lifelike.  Each player comes with a cap, bat, ball, glove, and stand.  The stand contains a unique DNA number that doesn’t have a use quite yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long until we find out what you can do with it.  Most likely it will be used for some kind of online content.

This December will be Sports Card Info’s 5th anniversary.  Never in my life did I think that I would have my own action figure.  OYO Sportstoys has a really great thing going and I hope their success continues.

4 Responses

  1. Very cool! Will your edition sell like Tickle Me Elmos?

  2. I would think so lol. Pretty awesome figure.

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