Flashback Product of the Week: 2002 Upper Deck Authentics


After seeing the success Topps had with their Heritage brand, Upper Deck decided to throw their two-cents into the ring with 2002 UD Authentics.  This 200-card set is modeled after Upper Deck’s initial 1989 baseball product that revolutionized the hobby.  Needless to say, Upper Deck’s attempt failed with this release.  The big selling point was that each 18-pack box came with three jersey cards.  The jersey cards aren’t anything to get excited about, although I do like the Retro Star Rookie jerseys because they feature a photo of that specific player’s Upper Deck rookie card on it.  I’ve always enjoyed cards that picture other cards on them.

I think UD Authentics bombed because it was just a quick response to Topps Heritage.  When it comes to retro themed products, Topps will always have the upper hand in most cases.  Boxes of this stuff can still be found for $70.00.


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